The wrong STEP in Roku production

Recently I tried to build a channel with an online channel creator. This company promised a small monthly fee, and many features that really had me excited.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I don’t want you to waste your time with this company, which has the initials FS.

You’ll never get a Public Roku channel to pass Roku’s rigid inspection with this service, and if you do by some miracle, then don’t depend on your Channel to be 24/7. Just the other day the “FS” service posted their apology for being down for a few days.

A few days might not sound like allot of time to those of you who use the Web. But on the Roku platform, this is not tolerated. If Roku finds out that your Channel is unreliable…they’ll dump your channel, and possibly freeze your entire Developer account.

Roku expects quality, and they’re audience members demand it. Remember this. I’m not trying to pitch my own development, because I’m just not that into doing FREELANCE Roku Development anymore…I’m concentrating on other things in 2016. (Like a new wife…and a re-launched life — but that’s another story!)

Oh heck, I forgot to give you another example of what this mystery service does. “FS” offered me the chance to create several channels via their small monthly fee. “How cool” I thought…I can build another dozen channels and make some money this year. But then crap happened.

I logged onto FS, built a channel, saved my work…Went out to lunch and then logged back into my account. Built another channel, saved a package and…what’s this…the package I’m saving has the name of my OTHER channel? WTF??? I logged out, thinking that there’s some kind of Cache problem.

Yep, there’s a Cache problem alright but it’s not my browser. It’s THEIR freakin’ system! When I logged back in, their system allowed me to open up my first channel…it looked okay on the surface, but NO..NO wait!!! The videos associated with it were from the SECOND channel that I built! WTF! NO, this cannot be happening…I logged out and then back in via a NEW BROWSER (IE instead of Firefox.)

The same thing…all the videos, the settings…the Roku PKG files…they are all mixed up.

I was so pissed. I emailed them. They sent me back an email saying that they would fix the problem, that I was a good customer, etc. What a bunch of crapola. They never fixed it. I emailed back after weeks of back and forth attempts, and they just get rude and ruder. One time they emailed me and said (in their horrible broken English) “how cheap.. for our big me clients we haven’t tasted any words and first time from you…don’t use our it is okay to find another provider. So why are you keep saying that.. Do you want to view our conversation through linkedin?”

I’m thinking, what is he talking about? It sound like he’s calling me cheap, and that if I don’t like it I can go to another service, and maybe he intends on posting our emails on Linked In?

I tried and tried to talk to this guy but as you can see he can’t understand English well enough to realize that even (if) I was incompetent, or a Jackass, it doesn’t matter in business. Just fix it maaaan. Maybe this company doesn’t realize that Roku knows who is developing Public channels, and they won’t stand for a barrage of glitchy running Apps.

Oh well, I’m done squawking about it. If you know who “FS” is, then I hope you haven’t wasted too much time. And if you bought the “FS” resale (business package) for 3K or so…then I’m sorry dude because you’re in for an enormous amount of coding to fix this thing (you got ripped off.)


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