How to make 3,500 a month on Fire TV Apps

A month ago my Amazon Fire TV “Media Channel” (aka Web App) was published on Fire TV.  I was so very happy to see that my Channel was approved.  But I have to say that I’m a little confused as to why it is listed as an “App” in the “Novelty” category on my Fire TV.  I was hoping to get listed alongside all the other Channels on the main page — ha, dummy!

So I learned a lesson.  Amazon wants to sell their Prime content.  And it’s obvious to me that this is their priority.  Which means that indie channels like my “Movies Plus” get listed alongside all the miscellaneous Apps.  Apps like Viral video channels, games, and other novelties that are totally unrelated to Movies and Television.


So now I can say that I’ve been officially published — and successful on the Amazon Fire TV platform.  Movies Plus was published exactly one month ago, and now have over 3,500 subscribers.  I’m also listed as the 5th App within the Novelty section on your Fire TV’s App category.  (Just look to the left menu and scroll down to Apps, then select Novelty and you may add Movies Plus for free.

I hope you like the channel, and I hope you forgive me for the mention of a certain “3,500”…(I bet ya thought I made $3,500+ bucks ehh?  Well maybe soon — when and IF I decide to place adverts on Movies Plus.

Right now, Movies Plus acts as a promotional vehicle for indie films.  Most of the movies and TV shows, Pilots, and Shorts have a website address listed within the credit.  The website will lead you to where you may donate or support the filmmaker in any number of ways — cash, merchandise, etc.

-Dean Lachiusa (Dean Lach on Facebook)


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