Filmmakers want to get paid!

I realize that you actually haven’t asked for some of the insight that I offer up. I’m sorry, I guess it’s just the do-gooder in me that wants to support the indie filmmaker.
So, here goes another blurb:
While watching TV; have you ever noticed that a commercial like the Ginsu knives display a dotcom that points to a particular page on their website? For example, instead of saying “visit Ginsu.dotcom,” the advert instead says to visit…Ginsu.dotcom/62.
And as it so happens…you’re watching channel 62.
That’s the kind of thing I propose to Movies Plus filmmakers. Put a dotcom on your video that directs people to a particular page that sells a T-shirt, or features a video with a donation button, etc etc.
This way, you can track your progress on Movies Plus. A filmmaker will look at their CDN stats and see their movie has been downloaded say…5,000 times via MP. Then they look at their hits on the dotcom, and the activity that is generated by the MP visitor. The activity might be anything from sales to donations to clicking on other videos and browsing the site.
So there you have it, the method that I propose to filmmakers on Movies Plus. AND I’d like to suggest this method could be used on one of my ROKU channels or other Apps.
Recently someone asked why they should use Movies Plus…how do they get paid?
A: Because you control the sale of your film and ancillary products directly from your website.
The complete blurb:
If you never signed with a distributor these days, then perhaps you should speak with folks who have. It’s typical for distributors to license movies to subdistributors. Well that might sound like a great idea because you, as a hustling, bustling filmmaker imagine that the more distribution points you have…the more money you will make.
Haa! Imagine a pyramid scheme or perhaps you’ve heard the term “multi-leve marketing.” How many times can a commission be cut? In other words, if a distributor promises you 50% from a sale, and he then licenses your movie to sub-dist who promises the same and then that sub-dist uses a aggregator or company like CinemaNow, or Netflix who promises 50%…what does that leave you?
Think about it…because you don’t make your money from that Point of Sale (hulu/CinemaNow, etc.) Oh no…you signed a deal that says you’re splitting the mula with your distributor, who bye the way is merely circulating your one-sheets, and YOUR content to many others just waiting to deliver your content on Connected TV, Set top boxes and numerous online broadcast venues that ARE NOT tracked by Nielson or other analytics you are privy too. Nope, you’re only privy to the stats that your distributor has, and besides very few folks can read metric data and understand them anyway.
Add Movies Plus for free on the Amazon store or directly from your Fire TV.
From Fire TV: On the left menu, scroll down to APPS. Then scroll down to Category. Then go to NOVELTY. We’re listed 3rd or 4rth on the list. Add us for FREE…USE us for FREE.


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