We’re now live on Roku. If you have a Roku box or stick then Movies Plus TV is a great destination for free content. Note: Roku’s new stick costs around $24 and it works with HDMI and RCA cables. I like it better than my old Roku1, although I admit that I use my Roku1 on my second TV, aka my Man-Cave TV.

You can add “Movies Plus TV” if you search for it via your device or scroll through the Movies and TV section (aka Film & TV.) Here’s a link to the Channel online.

Also please note that our Movies Plus channel on Amazon Fire TV has different content. 41tcyxv4ivl
And the Amazon version is a paid App, it’s only a one time charge of $2. If you’re a filmmaker the Amazon channel is a great place for exposure, because we reach over 340,000 subscribers. If you have a Fire device you can find it in the Movies and TV category, we’re ranked near Showtime and the CW. Or you may add it from the Amazon website:

Coming soon is our Android App – it will be a Youtube channel TV app, which means you’ll get yet another version of the Movies Plus catalog of content. This time it’s Youtube videos – features, shorts, and unique web-tv content. It’s in Beta, and the final App will be free, so please visit here for a link soon, or see our Facebook page:

That’s about it for now. As always, you may find me on and you examine my CTV/OTT channels on or



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