Beta, Beta, Beta Android

HI, this is just an update on the status of our Movies Plus Android TV App. It’s still in freak’n beta! I can’t believe it!

After putting all the content together on our Youtube channel, and then linking it to my Android App…I found that my Developer made some crucial mistakes. He did something wrong with the ADmob code and/or the Youtube player. It’s so frustrating that I’ve decided to write the App myself.

Yes, this will take a little time…but hopefully I’ll have it all together in the next few weeks. In which case, I’ll be posting a link here and some details about the content.

For the time being, if you’d like to check out my Youtube channel and watch and/or submit a film…then I hope you visit this link. You can use the discuss/comment section on Youtube or visit my FB page:

Her we are on Youtube:


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