New Websites and Apps

The website is now active for the upcoming Metro Film & TV Awards – it’s free to enter for a limited time…

And the website is complete with links to MP Apps on Roku, Fire, and Android.

Note that the Android App is getting popular, but the partners (Metro/MoviesPlus) are still accepting video submissions. Go to the Youtube channel and add you video for free, and after your content gets enough exposure, then they’ll add it to the Droid app..and eventually they’ll talk to you about getting distributed on all their platforms. (The Movies Plus Fire TV channel has over 375,000 subscribers, so it’s a pretty darn good way to get exposure for your work.)


Here’s a link to the Youtube Playlist, if you’re logged into Google/Youtube then it will give you the option to add videos to the playlist. If you’re not interested in doing that, then click the home button to see the Youtube channels lineup of films/playlists.

Update 2019: On Android, FREE/ADFREE

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