Film Distributor for Independent TV

There’s tons of film and TV shows to choose from.
There’s tons of channels to find them on.

If you’ve struggled to find great Films or Television among the countless number of titles on Hulu, Netflix or the slew of channels on Roku and Fire TV then we can help. IF your a filmmaker trying to get exposure for your film or TV-Show on these platforms…then we can help. And finally, if your simply a person who likes films that are a little outside of the mainstream, WITHOUT ADS, WITHOUT RENTING, WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION FEES…Then we can help.

The “Movies Plus” brand of TV channels is an advocate for the independent.

It’s FREE. FREE to Watch. AD-FREE to Watch!
And it’s FREE for filmmakers to use to get exposure for their work!

Started in 2013, Movies Plus was a humble indie film channel on Roku. They then branched out into a Amazon Fire TV channel. Then they expanded into the Google Play store as a free Android App.

The circulation aka “subscriber base” is over a million now. That’s right, over 600,000 Subscribers on Roku, over 375,000 on Amazon Fire TV, and over 10,000 on Android (although to be fair, this is in Beta. And two channels are operating to reach Legacy as well as New devices.)

So, if your a “Cordcutter” or a “Filmmaker” or a “Filmlover” then you might want to check out the Movies Plus headquarters for all the details, and links of course to their TV Channels, Free Film Festival, and very COOL SWAG!

Here’s the link, enjoy!

-Dean 10/28/2019

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