New Websites and Apps

The website is now active for the upcoming Metro Film & TV Awards – it’s free to enter for a limited time…

And the website is complete with links to MP Apps on Roku, Fire, and Android.

Note that the Android App is getting popular, but the partners (Metro/MoviesPlus) are still accepting video submissions. Go to the Youtube channel and add you video for free, and after your content gets enough exposure, then they’ll add it to the Droid app..and eventually they’ll talk to you about getting distributed on all their platforms. (The Movies Plus Fire TV channel has over 375,000 subscribers, so it’s a pretty darn good way to get exposure for your work.)


Here’s a link to the Youtube Playlist, if you’re logged into Google/Youtube then it will give you the option to add videos to the playlist. If you’re not interested in doing that, then click the home button to see the Youtube channels lineup of films/playlists.


Beta, Beta, Beta Android

HI, this is just an update on the status of our Movies Plus Android TV App. It’s still in freak’n beta! I can’t believe it!

After putting all the content together on our Youtube channel, and then linking it to my Android App…I found that my Developer made some crucial mistakes. He did something wrong with the ADmob code and/or the Youtube player. It’s so frustrating that I’ve decided to write the App myself.

Yes, this will take a little time…but hopefully I’ll have it all together in the next few weeks. In which case, I’ll be posting a link here and some details about the content.

For the time being, if you’d like to check out my Youtube channel and watch and/or submit a film…then I hope you visit this link. You can use the discuss/comment section on Youtube or visit my FB page:

Her we are on Youtube:


We’re now live on Roku. If you have a Roku box or stick then Movies Plus TV is a great destination for free content. Note: Roku’s new stick costs around $24 and it works with HDMI and RCA cables. I like it better than my old Roku1, although I admit that I use my Roku1 on my second TV, aka my Man-Cave TV.

You can add “Movies Plus TV” if you search for it via your device or scroll through the Movies and TV section (aka Film & TV.) Here’s a link to the Channel online.

Also please note that our Movies Plus channel on Amazon Fire TV has different content. 41tcyxv4ivl
And the Amazon version is a paid App, it’s only a one time charge of $2. If you’re a filmmaker the Amazon channel is a great place for exposure, because we reach over 340,000 subscribers. If you have a Fire device you can find it in the Movies and TV category, we’re ranked near Showtime and the CW. Or you may add it from the Amazon website:

Coming soon is our Android App – it will be a Youtube channel TV app, which means you’ll get yet another version of the Movies Plus catalog of content. This time it’s Youtube videos – features, shorts, and unique web-tv content. It’s in Beta, and the final App will be free, so please visit here for a link soon, or see our Facebook page:

That’s about it for now. As always, you may find me on and you examine my CTV/OTT channels on or


The Top 12 things Sci-Fi fans may hate about Star Trek Discovery

1. It’s DARK. The show does not embrace the principles of Diversity and Enlightenment that many of us expect from Star Trek.

2. 3D Animaton. The outer space scenes are flat, dark, and the animated ships are not as beautiful as constructed-models. It still can be done, see The Orville.

3. Klingon Boobies. Brief, but aggressive sex scenes may just embarrass your kids and your mom too.

4. Fast subtitles. The Klingon translations run too fast, and the Klingon dialog sounds clunky, it reminds me of when they fed a horse named Mr. Ed peanut butter.

5. 12 actors, or less. Important characters get killed off, and there are very few supporting actors. I expect to see supportive crew that make it plausible to operate an enormous space ship like the Discovery.

6. The F word. Battlestar Galactica was smart enough to say FRAK, but apparently in this future, the Star Fleet crew finds the need to express themselves with foul language and mediocre attitudes. Not in front of my kid, please.

7. Rehashed storylines. After 2 to 3 seasons I expect to see a Parallel Universe or something like a Flashback episode, but not in the first season.

8. No Women. I miss the days when gorgeous women like “Seven of Nine” commanded attention on Star Trek Voyager. I think Discovery could use a little more eye candy. Discovery’s White-Dressed Klingon chick with the cud-chewing voice makes me woof my cookies.

9. Lazy Susans. I hate it when Evil Empress’s use Lazy Susans to spin around in order to impress people. Okay, so this is kind of a spoiler, but only if you take notice of the scene I’m referring to.

10. No Badguys. I have to admit that up until about the 6th episode I couldn’t really tell if StarFleet or the Klingons were the evil-doers.

11. It’s Muddy. Just when I thought Star Fleet was going to administer a little justice, judgement is cast in the opposite way that an old Star Trek episode would have played out.

12. Legacy Killer. After watching the first 12 episodes, I find Star Trek Discovery is not bold or ground breaking – but rather predictable and disappointing. I hope they change this, because I’d hate to see the Star Trek legacy marred.

– Dean Lachiusa, curator for Movies Plus

Paczki is pronounced PUNCH-KEY

YUMMY…Detroit has some of the most diverse food! The “Paczki” is pronounced PUNCH-KEY.

It all started centuries ago when the Kazak’s were invading Poland.

The Poles, who were a passive, but very ingeniuitve tribe were caught off guard while celebrating Lent. But fortunately, the Poles had prepared for Lent by feasting on their seasonal treat, the Paczki donut.

When the warring Kazak’s approached the Polish border, the Poles quickly grabbed the Paczki’s that had not been consumed prior to Lent, and they loaded the stale donuts into the “KEY” on their only weapon, the Catapult. (The “key” is the part of the Catapult in which medievil folks would put a boulder or flaming bail of hay…)

So, the Poles hurled the rock hard Paczki’s at their enemies, and when impacting the enemy line the impact “PUNCHED” holes in the enemy defenses.

Image may contain: food
It’ true…honest 😉