How to get money for your film

This video by Film Riot discusses the in’s and out’s of money making for indie filmmakers. Please take note that he does mention that Film Riot videos do make about $1,000 on Youtube because they have over 1-MILLION views. Yep, there’s a stat to take notice of.

Host Ryan Connolly also mentions that he sells Posters and some ancillary products — but he never recoups his cost. “Short films are passion products…you make them to get exposure…you rarely make any money…”

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Film Festivals are canceling but Online Fests are thriving

Who would have thought that this whole dang virus thing would screw up every live event on the planet? I didn’t anticipate this kind of things months ago when I entered my film into Film Festivals via the FilmFreeway website.

And now, I’m getting email notices. The fests I entered are either postponing or canceling until next year. There’s almost no alternative. Except my own Festival.

Yep, I created a film festival 6 years ago. It’s an online Festival that offers the winners the option to have their movie streamed online and on Roku, Fire TV, and Android.

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Indie Filmmaking – Distribution 101, your best bet to insure The Calvary is Coming!

Recently I read an article werein several successful filmmakers answered questions poised by an independent filmmaker. We’ll call the indie “Michael, a low budget filmmaker with a dream.” Along with my interjections, below is an excerpt from the “Shooting People” website.

Michael, a low budget filmmaker with a dream: “I am searching for a way to make exploitation movies with loads of action, gore, fun & excitement that people can watch over a beer (the way that the Sy-Fi channel make countless “Shark” exploitation movies).
And I’d make them cheap, for £5,000 ($8,000). I have all the equipment so no need to rent lights, cameras, etc.”

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Star Trek TV series you may watch free

ARTICLE 1 of the ten part series on Star Trek programming available online and on Roku for free.

When I first took notice of Star Trek Continues the new “Kirk” through me for a loop. I wasn’t prepared to hear a new voice introduce the programs continuation of the “5 year mission.”

After watching a few episodes, I was hooked. The series is great. Before I analyze this TV program and others of similar quality, I’d like to simply give you some links so that you may do a little browsing around this Trek world that fan’s like me enjoy.

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Film Distributor for Independent TV

There’s tons of film and TV shows to choose from.
There’s tons of channels to find them on.

If you’ve struggled to find great Films or Television among the countless number of titles on Hulu, Netflix or the slew of channels on Roku and Fire TV then we can help. IF your a filmmaker trying to get exposure for your film or TV-Show on these platforms…then we can help. And finally, if your simply a person who likes films that are a little outside of the mainstream, WITHOUT ADS, WITHOUT RENTING, WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION FEES…Then we can help.

The “Movies Plus” brand of TV channels is an advocate for the independent.

It’s FREE. FREE to Watch. AD-FREE to Watch!
And it’s FREE for filmmakers to use to get exposure for their work!

Started in 2013, Movies Plus was a humble indie film channel on Roku. They then branched out into a Amazon Fire TV channel. Then they expanded into the Google Play store as a free Android App.

The circulation aka “subscriber base” is over a million now. That’s right, over 600,000 Subscribers on Roku, over 375,000 on Amazon Fire TV, and over 10,000 on Android (although to be fair, this is in Beta. And two channels are operating to reach Legacy as well as New devices.)

So, if your a “Cordcutter” or a “Filmmaker” or a “Filmlover” then you might want to check out the Movies Plus headquarters for all the details, and links of course to their TV Channels, Free Film Festival, and very COOL SWAG!

Here’s the link, enjoy!

-Dean 10/28/2019

Actors — it’s a no brainer, put your REEL or Short Film on Smart TV

Here’s a free way to get exposure. If you’re a “cord cutter” or Independent film lover, then you may have already watched Indie-made films and TV-shows on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other platforms.

A (free) way to get exposure for your film Reel and Short films that you have appeared in is to use the TV channels that you find on “Connected TV (CTV.) CTV is the method that Netflix and Hulu use, and you can take advantage of it.

The following methods cost you nothing or almost nothing. And they are ad-FREE, and (free to use) when you follow a few easy steps.

If you have a video that you would like to see stream on TV, there are two ways to do this:

1.) Visit – and you’ll see a FilmFreeway link, just use the Free Trailer/Teaser entry for short form content, and for longer movies just email them for a fee waiver. This is not really geared towards Reels, so see #2.

2.) Visit their Patreon campaign and donate a buck or more:

It’s just that easy, and you’ll reach over 375,000 Subscribers on Fire TV, and about 600,000 Subscribers on Roku. The Android App is new, so I don’t have allot of statistics yet.

**To Check Them out:

Go to their website OR You can search for the channels on Roku and Fire. has all the links. It’s FREE to add the Roku channels and the Android App — but really, you don’t need to add the channels to take advantage of them.

TV Broadcaster is looking for Music Videos

Movies Plus is a Connected TV Platform operated by Publisher/Influencer, Dean Lachiusa.

I’m looking for Bands, and also Partners who would like to take advantage of my Roku, Fire TV, and Android Channels. My Broadcast reach is nearly 1 Million viewers.

Here’s how to start…
1.) There’s never a fee to stream your content on the Movies Plus TV Android App.

Add it free from Google:

2.) If you like what you see, then its free to add your Music Video to the Android APP. Just click on my youtube playlist:

I broadcast films and music-videos on several channels and Connected TV Platforms.
The subscriber base for Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV is about 425,000 and growing daily. Check it via this website:

And, if you’re a Roku user, it’s free to add these channels:
TMN (The Movie Network),
Film Fest Best,
AHM (Art House Movies,)
Movies Plus TV.

I hope you like this opportunity. If you’d like to add your content to my Roku and Fire TV channels, then please drop me a note by email (metrofilmfestival @ or PM me on or

I broadcast and stream only great looking videos, please no nudity or adult language.

Cheers, and good luck.
Dean Lachiusa,
Curator for Movies Plus and the Metro Film Festival.

PS, I’m in Metro Detroit, but my Channels broadcast Internationally.

Cord Cutting 101

Cord Cutting 101, the how-to guide to free TV and alternatives to expensive Cable TV bills

Have you heard about “Cord Cutters” and how they are saving hundreds? (Yep 200 bucks or more a month!) This article covers numerous ways to save money on TV.

Two years ago I was paying Comcast over 300 dollars a month for my Cable TV, Internet, and digital (landline) Phone. Before Comcast I tried AT&T, and the cost was about the same. And both companies enjoy a monopoly of-sorts, so they were constantly charging more for their services. And I really hated the way that these big co’s treated me. I mean, I wanted to watch NBA, and in order to do so, I had to buy a freak’n “bundle.” And the bundles offer all kinds of extra programming that I paid for – but didn’t want. You’ve probably gone through the same torment, so I’ll end my complaint session here. Moving on…

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New Websites and Apps

The website is now active for the upcoming Metro Film & TV Awards – it’s free to enter for a limited time…

And the website is complete with links to MP Apps on Roku, Fire, and Android.

Note that the Android App is getting popular, but the partners (Metro/MoviesPlus) are still accepting video submissions. Go to the Youtube channel and add you video for free, and after your content gets enough exposure, then they’ll add it to the Droid app..and eventually they’ll talk to you about getting distributed on all their platforms. (The Movies Plus Fire TV channel has over 375,000 subscribers, so it’s a pretty darn good way to get exposure for your work.)


Here’s a link to the Youtube Playlist, if you’re logged into Google/Youtube then it will give you the option to add videos to the playlist. If you’re not interested in doing that, then click the home button to see the Youtube channels lineup of films/playlists.

Update 2019: On Android, FREE/ADFREE