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Recently I posted a Music video on It’s a 5 minute video that is worth the watch. However, I’m not going to directly link to it or even tell you the name…Because I’m not endorsing it. This might sound a tad strange, because after all I am the curator of the website, and I use the Metro Film Festival content on my TV channels whenever possible.

So what’s up this time? This time around, I just don’t want to be a part of the rebellion, even if it’s relatively good natured. I’m getting tired of hearing about all this trauma in our nation, and I know that sounds dang immature. Well heck, in my defense every dude in my age bracket is an 18 year old at heart 😉 Ha! So, anyway I hope you visit the website or if you have Movies Plus on your Fire TV device please do see the latest category called Indie TestRun.

Indie TestRun is the section of the Channel that features new, independently made films. “Some are great…some are strange.” And I welcome your feedback whether you’re a Movies Plus watcher or you watch films on Metro Film Festival’s website.

Oh, bye the way, I’m trying to get folks to engage on the page because I’ve noticed that while we get quite a good amount of readership from this WordPress site, we do not get a whole lot of feedback. So, use FB to voice your concerns or just to say “Hi.”


Missouri River V.S. Oil Pipeline

Have you heard about the recent Oil Pipeline being proposed in Dakota?  If constructed, it would cross the Missouri River and a major portion of Indian land.  Do we care about the American Indian?  Some folks do, some don’t, but everyone should care about what would happen if an oil pipeline leaks into the Missouri River.  That’s a no brainer right?

Read more on Raye Z’s website,  where you can also watch a very beautiful music video.  Raye Zaragoza river

You may also watch the video on the Amazon Fire TV channel, Movies Plus.

-Dean Lachiusa

curator (at)

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