TV Broadcaster is looking for Music Videos

Movies Plus is a Connected TV Platform operated by Publisher/Influencer, Dean Lachiusa.

I’m looking for Bands, and also Partners who would like to take advantage of my Roku, Fire TV, and Android Channels. My Broadcast reach is nearly 1 Million viewers.

Here’s how to start…
1.) There’s never a fee to stream your content on the Movies Plus TV Android App.

Add it free from Google:

2.) If you like what you see, then its free to add your Music Video to the Android APP. Just click on my youtube playlist:

I broadcast films and music-videos on several channels and Connected TV Platforms.
The subscriber base for Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV is about 425,000 and growing daily. Check it via this website:

And, if you’re a Roku user, it’s free to add these channels:
TMN (The Movie Network),
Film Fest Best,
AHM (Art House Movies,)
Movies Plus TV.

I hope you like this opportunity. If you’d like to add your content to my Roku and Fire TV channels, then please drop me a note by email (metrofilmfestival @ or PM me on or

I broadcast and stream only great looking videos, please no nudity or adult language.

Cheers, and good luck.
Dean Lachiusa,
Curator for Movies Plus and the Metro Film Festival.

PS, I’m in Metro Detroit, but my Channels broadcast Internationally.

Diversity confuses some people

Today I visited Amazon to read a few of the latest comments about my latest publishing venture, a Fire TV channel.

Like many of the big-league channels on Amazon Fire TV, my ratings are 3 stars.  Don’t ask me how or why really.  It could be because I don’t have allot of the Bruce Willis movies or other Hollywood studio films that (some) folks expect to see on TV for free.

Maybe it’s for more abstract reasons:  My Movies Plus channel is free, and people just don’t believe that anything good is free.  Or the fact that Movies Plus doesn’t have any advertising…and people like to have commercial-breaks so that they may get a snack while watching TV.

Okay, so I admit my “abstract” examples are not abstract, they’re just plain dumb.

This brings me to “Diversity.”  Maybe people just don’t get it, or they don’t want to accept it.  When I read a comment today that was simply stated: “Hate it.”  I said to myself…What’s to hate?  There’s over a dozen genres/categories on my channel that offer over two hundred programs to choose from.

For example, there’s Slow TV programming that is designed to help you relax, like the 2 hour fireplace video…My “Slow TV” shows are yours to watch for free, when the same content is offered for $2 or more elsewhere on Fire TV.  And there’s Boxing Matches that are typically a PPV event.  Yes, Boxing would cost you a few bucks to watch on ANY platform, but it’s here free if you choose to watch it.

In addition to the special programming on Movies Plus, there are TV shows and Movies of all Genres, including award winning 3D animation shorts like “Doroga.”  And there are new, Indpependently produced Science Fiction movies, Horror films, Action, Drama, Comedy programs…Plus Classics like “Virus,” and the film-purist’s delight “Phantom Carriage.”

And there’s some of the best documentary movies found anywhere, like the infamous “Yes Men,” and the topical/world-changing movie “Billions In Change.”  And I have to mention my sub-genres and categories that highlight the work of Darkstone Entertainment (Plan 9, Skeleton Key, etc.)  Plus of course there’s Music, Lifestyle stuff like Yoga, and News programs by DW.  Ohh, and one more off the wall category: Fan Films by Star Trek, Star Wars, and Warcraft filmmakers.

So my question is…How can anyone “hate” so many different TV shows and Movie programs?  I mean, you cannot…you simply cannot “hate” all of the material on a mult-genre channel like mine, so therefore how can anyone leave a comment that they  “hate” an entire Channel.

I guess, if you are not comfortable with Diversity or the expression of independent viewpoints…then maybe you can “hate” an entire channel like mine.

And there you have it, congrats to me — because I managed to write an entire article voicing my opinion of someone else without writing angry or meaningless one-word expressions of how I feel about folks who think the way a “hater” thinks.

Doh!  Haters, I hate that 😉

-Dean Lachiusa

Down River and In the River

Recently I posted two new videos on the Movies Plus Fire TV channel.  Purely by coincidence, the titles are “Down River” a feature film about soldiers behind enemy lines, and “In the River,” a music video that generates support for the American Indians who suffer from the oppression brought on by the scheduled construction of an Oil Pipeline on Indian land threatening their water-table and the Missouri River.

Aalex-downriver second part of the coincidence is the fact that the producers of these videos have similar names.  Alex Raye Pimentel is responsible for the Future of Film production “Down River.”

And Raye Zaragoza is the beautiful talent behind “The River” music video.

And guess what?  I think it’s fair to say they also have something in common when it comes to their content.  Because both of them have produced wonderul content  that is relevant to what’s happening to nearly everyone everywhere.

Their production quality is excellent, and the response that they are getting is outstanding.


Raye and Raye are getting great response on their websites and social media.  Meanwhile, on Movies Plus things will only get better…

  • In September of 2016, the first video to load on my Fire TV channel is the “welcome to Movies Plus” introduction.  This video had over 50,000 views last month.september-stats-4-one-video
  • A few weeks later (from October 1 to October 16) Movies Plus had 175,000 hits in the U.K.  And U.S. statistics look similar.
  • At the time of this writing (October 26th) Amazon reported that  65,295 people have subscribed to Movies Plus.

So, as you can see we’re growing.  So…….if you know of a filmmaker who would like to have their movie broadcast to our audience of indie-lovers on Amazon Fire TV, then I hope that you tell them about Movies Plus.  It’s free to for a filmmaker to use, and it’s free for anyone to watch.

Cheers, Dean Lachiusa

How to make 3,500 a month on Fire TV Apps

A month ago my Amazon Fire TV “Media Channel” (aka Web App) was published on Fire TV.  I was so very happy to see that my Channel was approved.  But I have to say that I’m a little confused as to why it is listed as an “App” in the “Novelty” category on my Fire TV.  I was hoping to get listed alongside all the other Channels on the main page — ha, dummy!

So I learned a lesson.  Amazon wants to sell their Prime content.  And it’s obvious to me that this is their priority.  Which means that indie channels like my “Movies Plus” get listed alongside all the miscellaneous Apps.  Apps like Viral video channels, games, and other novelties that are totally unrelated to Movies and Television.


So now I can say that I’ve been officially published — and successful on the Amazon Fire TV platform.  Movies Plus was published exactly one month ago, and now have over 3,500 subscribers.  I’m also listed as the 5th App within the Novelty section on your Fire TV’s App category.  (Just look to the left menu and scroll down to Apps, then select Novelty and you may add Movies Plus for free.

I hope you like the channel, and I hope you forgive me for the mention of a certain “3,500”…(I bet ya thought I made $3,500+ bucks ehh?  Well maybe soon — when and IF I decide to place adverts on Movies Plus.

Right now, Movies Plus acts as a promotional vehicle for indie films.  Most of the movies and TV shows, Pilots, and Shorts have a website address listed within the credit.  The website will lead you to where you may donate or support the filmmaker in any number of ways — cash, merchandise, etc.

-Dean Lachiusa (Dean Lach on Facebook)

It’s about time I offered a cheap way to publish a Roku Channel

The landscape at Roku has changed drastically over the last year.

Right now, there are dozens and dozens of Church and Cooking channels clogging up the Public development que. Getting listed in the Roku channel store is a horrible situation, but you can get your PRIVATE Roku channel published immediately.

A little background…Right now it can take 2 months to get a “Public” channel approved. And then guess what…Making money with a Roku Channel is difficult.

Many have tried to monetize free channels with advertising and failed. It’s almost impossible to find a ad-insertion company that will take you seriously unless you get 500,000 views a month. And how do you get that kind of viewership?

Be Crackle, Be Netflix Be Amazon? Ha! In other words, forget it because you don’t have the engaging content that these networks have. 70’s 80’s films, Public Domain, and B-grade movie are just…well, it’s crap. No one wants to watch that stuff. Not convinced?

What do you watch? Game of Thrones? The Americans? The Walking Dead? Scandal? The Voice? Madmen reruns? Now how can B grade movies or TV shows compete with quality programming that networks produce? Unless you have Bruce Willis or better in your film…fo-get-about-it…

So…this brings me back to what they call Private Roku Channel publication. It’s not really private! And it’s something you can do on the cheap. I can make a Roku channel for your organization, without going through the Roku publishing approval process and without owning content produced for mass appeal. If you (or I) build a Roku channel they will come!

Picture this: If you have a Church group, Society, Meetup, VFW, Karate Club or most any other organization, then it’s likely that you’re already posting the videos of your meetings, outings and special events on Youtube or whatever. Now then, with my help you can publish your content on a Roku “private” channel. This is a TV channel that comes alive on your TV. And it’s a great way to distribute your content to your current members and potential recruits.
That’s because a private Roku channel is not really hidden or “private.” It’s just Roku’s term for a channel that doesn’t appear on their published list of channels. You know, the list that includes ABC, CBS and the big boys. Well, who wants to compete with them anyway? (You can’t, so why try.)

Okay, so how much will I charge you and what do you get. Right now I can make a private Roku channel for you for about a hundred bucks. That’s a one time charge. Yep, pay me once and you own the Channel.

This will save you all the headaches of browsing Roku’s development “how to” pages and their almost useless blog. You don’t need SDK’s or any of that “coding” garbage. You don’t need ‘No Stinkn’ Eclipse, Brightscript or any other special software. Oh, I am assuming you know how to email me your organization logo, yada yada.

You eventually will need a Roku device. If you don’t have 50 bucks and a PC to start, then this might not be for you because I’m just a Roku Channel builder. I don’t make the rules, like if you want to use Roku’s billing system, then you’ll have to get approved by them and that takes months. My solution is for free channels or channels that you charge for via your own means like a Club membership fee.
And I don’t have the authority to force Roku to publish a channel, especially one that has “borrowed” content, nudity or other redflag material…So I guess I’m saying there’s no guarantees in the life of a Internet TV Broadcaster. Okay, so assuming you’re an adult and you’re responsible for your own actions, let’s forget the bable and read on please.

You can buy a cheap Roku for around 49 bucks… Now, when you go to the Internet to register the Roku device you’ll eventually see a link for “Developer accounts.” You will need to supply Roku with your name, address, email etc for the Developer account. They call it an application process, but there’s nothing much to approve really. My account was free. I’m assuming they will keep Developer accounts free.

That’s how you start, it’s simple.

You of course will want your own Youtube or other account for your Video content. I like to see that you have Mp4 (mpeg 4) videos when I build your Channel, Mp4 videos of most any quality play fine on the Roku.

That’s almost it for this posting. Drop me a line and if I have time I’ll build you a Roku channel for 100 dollars or so.

*PS: This service is for Private channels only. I will not develop a Public channel for you because the competition is steep and I’m doing everything I can to make money on my own channels. And to ensure this, I will either put a little Accreditation within your channel indicating your channel is PRIVATE and developed by yours truly OR I will use a service like feedburner to compile your videos/feeds. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to look at the Channel in demo mode before you pay me or upload it to your Developer account. (I can upload it for you if need be.)

Oh, no offense, but I also will look at your video content to make sure it’s not hate/porn-adult or STOLEN/ILLEGAL content. Why, because I don’t want Roku to associate what I develop for you with my commercial account. (They have the right to cancel accounts if you/I break the rules.)

Contact: metrofilmfestival @ (Please remove spaces b4 you email me.)

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