Film and TV distribution for indies on Fire TV

The new Amazon Fire TV channel “Movies Plus” has a large assortment of Sci-Fi movies, and a growing catalog of Horror/Thriller, Action, Drama, Comedy, Documentary films and stuff like Boxing matches, and Season films (Christmas for example.)

If you’re a filmmaker/Producer then you might like to screen your project for free on the channel.  Screeners, Works-in-Progress, Pilots, TV shows, Webisodes (web series and narrative online shorts) and of course Feature films and short movies are accepted.  Programs of most any genre enjoy the support of Movie Plus (with the exception of “adult” content.)

Movies Plus encourages a great method to make your distribution plan solid.  Place your dotcom on your film – at the beginning and at the end, or perhaps a very very small watermark at the bottom of your letterboxed show.  Movies plus encourages their audience to make note of the filmmakers website address.  Later, after folks have watched your show, they can visit your website and buy an upgraded copy of your movie on DVD, or perhaps a T-shirt or even make a donation.  It works, it’s in some ways better than Crowdsourcing because you’re not dependent upon Kickstarter or anyone else’s method of fundraising…It’s all controlled by you on your website.

The channel is free and currently Ad-Free.

You may add Movies Plus from your Fire TV main screen.  Just scroll down on the left side to APPS, then scroll to the Categories section.  Movies Plus is listed number 4 out of hundreds in the Novelty category.

OR add the channel online here:


Okay, so perhaps you don’t have a Fire TV stick or a way to watch Movies Plus right now — now worries you can still contact them and start the process of leveraging your film project.

I shouldn’t post the Curator’s email here for sake of spam…hmmm let’s see.  Okay email them at their gmail account, and please remember to remove the () marks.  Movies Plus care of: metrofilmfestival(@)

Cheers, good movie watching…and making!
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Android and Fire TV coming soon

Considering the Public Roku publishing que is somewhere around 3 months now. (Instead of their former promise of a 2 week approval process.) I’ve decided to branch out into other platforms too.

If my Media Channels work out on the Droid/Smart TV platforms, then I’ll offer an inexpensive solution for your publishing needs. As usual, it’s a matter of time. Right now, I’m creating private Roku channels for folks. That’s turned out to be very popular, especially for folks who just want to promote their organizations, foster good will, and boost membership.

Private channels get published immediately. The only way to screw your private channel up is IF you decide to put illegal or stolen content on your channel. You’ve heard of DMCA…well, that’s pretty much what I’m talking about. Oh that, and of course you need to keep your content clean. Nudy stuff is a no no.

Interested in becoming an Internet TV Broadcaster? Drop me a line, and I’ll see if I can put together a Roku channel for you for around $99. That’s a one time fee. You own the channel.