The Cure for common cold is related to baldness

Today – Newswired: Researchers have found a cure for the common cold, and it’s related to baldness in Men and Women.

It seems the cure has been related to the symptom called “scalpscratchyness.”  This is the nervous response of scratching one’s scalp in which many people experience when trying to find something interesting to watch on television.
The cure it seems, is in the hands of Indie Filmmakers who screen their films on a new channel sponsored by the Metro Film Festival.  The channel, called Movies Plus, is currently available for free on Amazon Fire TV devices, and coming soon to Roku.
“It’s truly a miracle” says Movies Plus founder Dean Lachiusa. “I collaborated with reknowned specialist Alfred E. Neuman of the agency Snap, Crackle and Pop…And they’ve come up with the statistics that prove that watching Movies Plus truly can cure the symptoms related to the common cold and baldness. It worked for me. And curiously enough, I lost 10 LBs of Prenatal weight too…”
Fact: It’s in the skin
Filmmakers have to have skin in the game in order to see results…A film/TV producer may screen their movie, TV, or webisode for free on the Movies Plus channel…the results are miraculous!”
Dean further says to “PM him on Facebook or email him at for more information; or read the rest of this blurb:
Movies Plus is the place for Indie shows, and now is the time to take control of your project…don’t lose your film/show to a digital distributor who will never pay you!” (Did you know that most distributors commonly act as middle men, licensing your film to other sub-distributors who you do not have an agreement with. And these subdistributors might promise to split the ad-revenues with the distributor you originally sign with, but think about it…How many royalty splits can you have before you get nothing? Let’s do the math: 50% of zero is zero, carry the zero, times nothing, equals nothing!
Movies Plus is the only Broadcaster that allows you to control the amount of exposure for your movie or television program, and there’s no binding contract. We’ll stream your complete film, screener, pilot, or webisode. This in turn drives the audience to your website or point-of-sale. Typically a filmmakers website will feature several easy, do-it-yourself methods of monetization. Some filmmakers feature a PayPal Donation button, some offer a special DVD and they sell ancillary products like T-shirts.

It’s the perfect way to create publicity and leverage ones work without being tied to a distributor…Try us for a month or so, you can always move to a traditional distributor when/if you get the right offer.

Not by Persis Khambatta



Ed Burns distribution advice

The following is an excerpt from an article from filmmaker Ed Burns and
We start at the digital concentration, step #24.  The link to the entire article entitled “30 Tips: Making and Releasing Microbudget films!” is below.

  1. Embrace Your Strategy

We would not make excuses for our nontheatrical release. We would embrace it.”

512yk0rajdlDon’t treat your “small” release strategy as the equivalent of having a movie go straight to video in the 1990s. The climate is different now.

Embrace your means, use them to your advantage in promotion, and own your path to the audience. This will maximize productivity by focusing on what can work best for your film, not someone else’s.

  1. Festivals Are The Indie-Theatrical

I realized I could also have a theatrical release. It was called the festival circuit.”

The vast majority of films and filmmakers cannot afford a traditional theatrical run. But theatrical runs don’t conventionally serve to make a profit.

They are a means of promoting your film across the country or world in hopes that word will spread, people will later buy or rent the movie, and it will live on for a long time after.

Using festivals as your film’s theatrical run is a fairly inexpensive way to gain that exposure and propagate your film’s reputation in multiple markets. Instead of focusing on awards, use the festival circuit to create and connect with fans.

This point was heavily driven home in Jon Reiss’ game changing indie film distribution handbook, Think Outside The Box Office. Michael bought me this book for my birthday in 2011 and it changed my life.

  1. Utilize The Whole Internet

Marc and his team target tech bloggers, hip websites, tastemakers, and connectors to help create buzz on films lacking bigger marketing budgets and resources.”

There are companies dedicated to this, and you can do it with your small team. There’s more to promoting a film than posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Think of your movie’s key characters, plot-points, themes, and overall genre. What kinds of audiences are generally interested in such material? Where else do they spend their time? Are there specific blogs, forums, Reddit threads, or social groups they congregate at?

Using these online spaces to promote your film is a low-cost way to spread word; much like casting hungry young actors, these promotions are a mutually beneficial relationship: blogs, forums, and groups subsist on regular content. Make your film a part of that content stream.

Find the entire article here:

— Dean Lachiusa (curator for Movies Plus, a free Indie Film/TV distribution and broadcast channel on Amazon Fire TV and other connected TV platforms.)

Why competitors to Hulu may not pay you

Yes my filmmaking friend, DIY film Distribution platforms with big dollars behind them do sometimes fail.  BabelGum and Joost are long gone, and now so is Yekra.

Dean Lach

As filmmakers, we trust Hulu, but what about the others like Babelgum (now defunct), Joost (defunct) and others?  Like traditional distributors, Streaming video websites can be a risky business too.

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The following is a REPOST from the Yekra FB page. Yekra was a self-distribution program that worked much like VHX and others. But as you see, they streamed indie films…they charged for the streams…but they apparently did not pay the filmmakers.

**Steven R. Ladd
July 15, 2015 at 8:50pm
Following up on my last post, [regarding YEKRA] perhaps all the filmmakers and others who had films on Yekra need to file a class action lawsuit naming the investors/owners in order to recover the money we earned. Shameful that there was no correspondence telling us how to get what we’ve earned. It’s like stealing, which is illegal.

Sonya Waterworth
Sonya Waterworth @Steven R. Ladd I would love to join your lawsuit. As a shareholder I still HAVE NO CLUE what is going on. The investors who shut down the business are a company called Bray Capital, owned by 2 men named Brady Collins and Seamus O’Brien.

Sonya Waterworth Also the Managers who deemed it ethical to behave in such a way before shutting the business down are a Patrick Fitzgerald, Bob Miller, and Kelly Summers.
**End of repost

Please note that I understand I’m not posting this to be negative towards Yekra or other similar svcs. (Note is defunct.)

** Here’s my shameless plug for a solution: My solution is quite different than Hulu and other streaming venues. Firstly, I’m not a online streaming “website.”  My channel, called Movies Plus is an actual TV channel that broadcasts through a Internet “set top box.” Movies Plus lets a filmmaker stream your film on our Fire TV, and soon on ROKU and other Connected TV platforms. With this solution, Movies Plus encourages the audience to visit your website so that they may support your movie via donations or DVD or ancillary product sales.  Here’s an example of what you would encode into the start/end of your Sneak-Peak, Screener or completed feature film or TV show:example-artcard-b4-movie-plays-and-after

The Tunnel is an Indie made feature film.  This is a perfect artcard example. This is how a filmmaker should prepare their movie for broadcast on Movies Plus. Place this at the start/end of your film/TV program. Remember you don’t have to screen your entire project, you may prepare a Pilot or a Featurette that drives the audience to your Point-of-sale website where you offer incentives for the audience who supports you.  Things like DVD’s, T-shirts, and other Ancillary products. Plus don’t forget a Donation box from Paypal or whatever.  If you interested in Movies Plus, please see me on my Facebook page and I’ll send you more information.

Filmmakers want to get paid!

I realize that you actually haven’t asked for some of the insight that I offer up. I’m sorry, I guess it’s just the do-gooder in me that wants to support the indie filmmaker.
So, here goes another blurb:
While watching TV; have you ever noticed that a commercial like the Ginsu knives display a dotcom that points to a particular page on their website? For example, instead of saying “visit Ginsu.dotcom,” the advert instead says to visit…Ginsu.dotcom/62.
And as it so happens…you’re watching channel 62.
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Film and TV distribution for indies on Fire TV

The new Amazon Fire TV channel “Movies Plus” has a large assortment of Sci-Fi movies, and a growing catalog of Horror/Thriller, Action, Drama, Comedy, Documentary films and stuff like Boxing matches, and Season films (Christmas for example.)

If you’re a filmmaker/Producer then you might like to screen your project for free on the channel.  Screeners, Works-in-Progress, Pilots, TV shows, Webisodes (web series and narrative online shorts) and of course Feature films and short movies are accepted.  Programs of most any genre enjoy the support of Movie Plus (with the exception of “adult” content.)

Movies Plus encourages a great method to make your distribution plan solid.  Place your dotcom on your film – at the beginning and at the end, or perhaps a very very small watermark at the bottom of your letterboxed show.  Movies plus encourages their audience to make note of the filmmakers website address.  Later, after folks have watched your show, they can visit your website and buy an upgraded copy of your movie on DVD, or perhaps a T-shirt or even make a donation.  It works, it’s in some ways better than Crowdsourcing because you’re not dependent upon Kickstarter or anyone else’s method of fundraising…It’s all controlled by you on your website.

The channel is free and currently Ad-Free.

You may add Movies Plus from your Fire TV main screen.  Just scroll down on the left side to APPS, then scroll to the Categories section.  Movies Plus is listed number 4 out of hundreds in the Novelty category.

OR add the channel online here:


Okay, so perhaps you don’t have a Fire TV stick or a way to watch Movies Plus right now — now worries you can still contact them and start the process of leveraging your film project.

I shouldn’t post the Curator’s email here for sake of spam…hmmm let’s see.  Okay email them at their gmail account, and please remember to remove the () marks.  Movies Plus care of: metrofilmfestival(@)

Cheers, good movie watching…and making!
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How to make 3,500 a month on Fire TV Apps

A month ago my Amazon Fire TV “Media Channel” (aka Web App) was published on Fire TV.  I was so very happy to see that my Channel was approved.  But I have to say that I’m a little confused as to why it is listed as an “App” in the “Novelty” category on my Fire TV.  I was hoping to get listed alongside all the other Channels on the main page — ha, dummy!

So I learned a lesson.  Amazon wants to sell their Prime content.  And it’s obvious to me that this is their priority.  Which means that indie channels like my “Movies Plus” get listed alongside all the miscellaneous Apps.  Apps like Viral video channels, games, and other novelties that are totally unrelated to Movies and Television.


So now I can say that I’ve been officially published — and successful on the Amazon Fire TV platform.  Movies Plus was published exactly one month ago, and now have over 3,500 subscribers.  I’m also listed as the 5th App within the Novelty section on your Fire TV’s App category.  (Just look to the left menu and scroll down to Apps, then select Novelty and you may add Movies Plus for free.

I hope you like the channel, and I hope you forgive me for the mention of a certain “3,500”…(I bet ya thought I made $3,500+ bucks ehh?  Well maybe soon — when and IF I decide to place adverts on Movies Plus.

Right now, Movies Plus acts as a promotional vehicle for indie films.  Most of the movies and TV shows, Pilots, and Shorts have a website address listed within the credit.  The website will lead you to where you may donate or support the filmmaker in any number of ways — cash, merchandise, etc.

-Dean Lachiusa (Dean Lach on Facebook)

It’s about time I offered a cheap way to publish a Roku Channel

The landscape at Roku has changed drastically over the last year.

Right now, there are dozens and dozens of Church and Cooking channels clogging up the Public development que. Getting listed in the Roku channel store is a horrible situation, but you can get your PRIVATE Roku channel published immediately.

A little background…Right now it can take 2 months to get a “Public” channel approved. And then guess what…Making money with a Roku Channel is difficult.

Many have tried to monetize free channels with advertising and failed. It’s almost impossible to find a ad-insertion company that will take you seriously unless you get 500,000 views a month. And how do you get that kind of viewership?

Be Crackle, Be Netflix Be Amazon? Ha! In other words, forget it because you don’t have the engaging content that these networks have. 70’s 80’s films, Public Domain, and B-grade movie are just…well, it’s crap. No one wants to watch that stuff. Not convinced?

What do you watch? Game of Thrones? The Americans? The Walking Dead? Scandal? The Voice? Madmen reruns? Now how can B grade movies or TV shows compete with quality programming that networks produce? Unless you have Bruce Willis or better in your film…fo-get-about-it…

So…this brings me back to what they call Private Roku Channel publication. It’s not really private! And it’s something you can do on the cheap. I can make a Roku channel for your organization, without going through the Roku publishing approval process and without owning content produced for mass appeal. If you (or I) build a Roku channel they will come!

Picture this: If you have a Church group, Society, Meetup, VFW, Karate Club or most any other organization, then it’s likely that you’re already posting the videos of your meetings, outings and special events on Youtube or whatever. Now then, with my help you can publish your content on a Roku “private” channel. This is a TV channel that comes alive on your TV. And it’s a great way to distribute your content to your current members and potential recruits.
That’s because a private Roku channel is not really hidden or “private.” It’s just Roku’s term for a channel that doesn’t appear on their published list of channels. You know, the list that includes ABC, CBS and the big boys. Well, who wants to compete with them anyway? (You can’t, so why try.)

Okay, so how much will I charge you and what do you get. Right now I can make a private Roku channel for you for about a hundred bucks. That’s a one time charge. Yep, pay me once and you own the Channel.

This will save you all the headaches of browsing Roku’s development “how to” pages and their almost useless blog. You don’t need SDK’s or any of that “coding” garbage. You don’t need ‘No Stinkn’ Eclipse, Brightscript or any other special software. Oh, I am assuming you know how to email me your organization logo, yada yada.

You eventually will need a Roku device. If you don’t have 50 bucks and a PC to start, then this might not be for you because I’m just a Roku Channel builder. I don’t make the rules, like if you want to use Roku’s billing system, then you’ll have to get approved by them and that takes months. My solution is for free channels or channels that you charge for via your own means like a Club membership fee.
And I don’t have the authority to force Roku to publish a channel, especially one that has “borrowed” content, nudity or other redflag material…So I guess I’m saying there’s no guarantees in the life of a Internet TV Broadcaster. Okay, so assuming you’re an adult and you’re responsible for your own actions, let’s forget the bable and read on please.

You can buy a cheap Roku for around 49 bucks… Now, when you go to the Internet to register the Roku device you’ll eventually see a link for “Developer accounts.” You will need to supply Roku with your name, address, email etc for the Developer account. They call it an application process, but there’s nothing much to approve really. My account was free. I’m assuming they will keep Developer accounts free.

That’s how you start, it’s simple.

You of course will want your own Youtube or other account for your Video content. I like to see that you have Mp4 (mpeg 4) videos when I build your Channel, Mp4 videos of most any quality play fine on the Roku.

That’s almost it for this posting. Drop me a line and if I have time I’ll build you a Roku channel for 100 dollars or so.

*PS: This service is for Private channels only. I will not develop a Public channel for you because the competition is steep and I’m doing everything I can to make money on my own channels. And to ensure this, I will either put a little Accreditation within your channel indicating your channel is PRIVATE and developed by yours truly OR I will use a service like feedburner to compile your videos/feeds. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to look at the Channel in demo mode before you pay me or upload it to your Developer account. (I can upload it for you if need be.)

Oh, no offense, but I also will look at your video content to make sure it’s not hate/porn-adult or STOLEN/ILLEGAL content. Why, because I don’t want Roku to associate what I develop for you with my commercial account. (They have the right to cancel accounts if you/I break the rules.)

Contact: metrofilmfestival @ (Please remove spaces b4 you email me.)

Some keywords so folks can find me: build a roku channel, create a roku channel, make a roku channel, cheap roku development, bargain roku channel, cheap roku app, roku app, apps, app developer